What is Wingnotes™?

  Wingnotes is a musical performing ministry

operated primarily by independent musician Paisley Bishop.   

Wingnotes musicians offer both worship music and family-friendly, non-Christian music suitable for ALL events, even those not Christ- or church-focused. We are not a ministry exclusively for believers, but for unbelievers as well.

We offer music performances to...

· local churches seeking a guest worship experience;

· communities or groups who have difficulty traveling to church to experience a worship session;

· private parties, fellowship groups, church events, retreats, etc.


How are funds used?

Wingnotes™ keeps two "banks" of funds:

1. Gifting: These funds go back out into the world as ministry gifts. It pays all the expenses incurred -- like fuel, time, etc -- to perform worship services free-of-charge to those who would otherwise not be able to enjoy a musical celebration of our God and Savior. Gifts are the monies remaining after expenses have been paid.  

2. Expenses: Performing costs money, plain and simple.  Expenses include cost of travel, accommodations for the musician(s), and compensation for their time and work. 


How are funds split?

Gifting Fund:

  • 100% of direct donations
  • Monies remaining from performance fees &   merchandise sales after immediate expenses (e.g. lodging, food, musician reimbursement and wage) have been paid.

Expenses Fund:

  • The remaining 50% of monies from performance fees and merchandise sales

Is Wingnotes™ a non-profit?

Becoming a NPO takes time and money, which we don't currently have because we're just starting out. That said...

No, Wingnotes™ is NOT a registered nonprofit organization, though we hope it'll be someday.

How to Help

Hire Paisley


Paisley performs for a fee

decided upon by the hosting church:

"Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD thy God which he hath given thee." (Deut 16:17 KJV)

Email to discuss your worship opportunity.

Buy An Album


50% of profits from ALL Paisley Bishop album sales go toward Wingnotes™.

The other 50% goes toward logistics, like shipping, packaging, and operating costs (like running a website).

BUY "Take One" or "Seasons"

Donate Directly


100% of direct donations paid through Paypal via

go to the Wingnotes™ Gifting Fund.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Wingnotes™ Psalm 42:8-inspired Mission is this: To share our sung prayers and praises to the God of our life to any ears willing to hear. 

Our Musicians

Currently, it's just Paisley working this ministry. But she's hoping to build a network of worship musicians who also believe in the mission. Interested in joining Wingnotes? Email Paisley!

Our Performances

Wingnotes is just starting out, so we could use some love! Hire Paisley today to help her spread the mission and The Message: God loves you, and Jesus saves!

Funds Accounting

*Wingnotes offers these cash flow details voluntarily and in good faith. these numbers are updated as often as possible.