Taking off...

Paisley Bishop was born in Southern California and grew up in a quiet little suburbia city nestled in a valley between three dusty mountains. In 2009, she combined her knack for the written word with her basic guitar skills and took off on her music journey with her self-released EP, "Take One".


Growing and learning...

Paisley's debut was in Tehachapi, California, where she teamed with other musicians to form Paisley Bishop and the Earth Blues Band. They played a number of local venues together, with Paisley performing a number of solo gigs.

She grew as an artist and performer in those many months before relocating with her husband to Minnesota in 2013.



With a second CD released in August 2017 called "Seasons," Paisley now looks forward to performing in her new Midwestern location.

She is making headway with an evangelical project called WingNotes in 2018. Stay tuned!